Terms of Service

As a donor participating in The Campaign for Care Day of Giving, I understand the Terms of Service as outlined below including my personal roles and responsibilities.

  1. McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation is a not-for-profit pubic charity.
  2. I understand that McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation will receive all the monies that have been donated less any transaction fees not covered by the individual donor. Individual donors will have the opportunity cover fees associated with credit/debit card and ACH donations and 100% of the donors online charitable gift will go to the receiving organization if fees are covered.
  3. I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform which will safely process all contributions made to The Campaign for Care Day of Giving on Thursday, November 19, 2020. Donations can be made after The Campaign for Care Day of Giving by contacting Rachel Turek at McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation at 517-975-7118 or by visiting https://www.mclaren.org/lansing-foundation/documents-and-links/online-donation-form-mclaren-greater-lansing-found-6872. 
  4. I understand that any donation made outside of The Campaign for Care Day of Giving donation period through givegab.com. or subsequent recurring donations are subject to transaction fees outlined in the givegab.com pricing page: http://info.givegab.com/pricing. GiveGab retains a 4% campaign management fee from all donations. Credit Card processing fees are an additional 2.5% + $0.30 for all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). Users also have the ability to make a gift using their ACH checking account. Donations of $100 or more are eligible for ACH transfer and will incur a $3 flat fee in addition to the 4% campaign management fee. All donations are final and cannot be refunded.
  5. Sponsorships or donations made prior to The Campaign for Care Day of Giving will be invoiced by McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation following standard donation procedures.